Being the adult child of an alcoholic who began recovery through a 12 step program in my junior year of high school has always informed my reactions to the untimely and sad deaths like Robin Williams. This LA Times article is very well done and has an added link within it to a complete obituary. Since this is tumblr, I’ll add these thoughts. As Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death showed us how an amazing, creative person can be broken down and taken by heroin, this is an important newsflash about the fact that alcoholism is a disease and that one ‘fall off the wagon’ can take someone’s life in an instant. I can think of other comedians who live with this disease, some of who may be in recovery and others who may not. I hope that they all use this as an important time of contemplation.

This throws an iron into the works; is that even the right phrase? I’ve read so many responses and opinions about the deaths in Palestine from all angles. This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of Elie Wiesel being called onto the carpet by survivors of the Holocaust and relatives of survivors. These folks want to be heard and word of their response to be broadcast far and wide. A must read.